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It’s time to speak up.

50% of Canadian women who had an abortion in 2018 were 29 or younger.

Sadly, many regret that decision.

Sharing the truth about abortion with your friends can save the lives of their children and spare them the trauma of abortion. Thousands of children are killed behind closed doors, and thousands of young people are suffering in silence every year.

It is important that we share the truth about abortion in our schools with compassion and conviction so that those who are facing a difficult pregnancy or are dealing with the emotional aftermath of abortion can receive help. You can make a difference in their lives – get involved today!

Pro-Life Week of Action

Learn how you can become an effective pro-life advocate during March Break!

Youth Conference

Learn the pro-life position on abortion and how you can take action while meeting other high school students!


Invite one of our speakers to your school or faith group to discover how you can defend #humanrightsforall.


Are you thinking of reaching your peers inside and/or outside your school? Contact us to get more info on how you can get active!


Do you need financial support to run a pro-life project in your school or community? You may be eligible!