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Michelle Angela Chin

Executive Director

Michelle Angela Caluag was the former president of the pro-life club at the University of Toronto, where she obtained her Bachelor of Sciences degree and found her passion in reaching the culture on the issue of abortion.

Realizing the need for more people to transform the culture, she decided to work for the pro-life movement after graduating from U of T in 2016 and since then has made it a priority to stand up for the pre-born children and for the vulnerable in our society. She worked for the National Campus Life Network as a Campus Coordinator in 2016 and joined Toronto Right to Life as a Youth Coordinator in 2017. She now serves as the Executive Director of TRTL, with the goal of empowering and equipping communities in Toronto and the GTA to share the truth about abortion and assisted suicide with love and compassion.

Josh MacMillan

Director of Operations and Fundraising

Josh MacMillan graduated in 2016 from the University of Waterloo with a B.A. in History and a Minor in Biology. Since graduation, he has been working in the pro-life movement as an activist and educator. Josh is a firm believer that scientific and technological progress, when informed by history, and applied in a way that upholds human dignity, will establish a world that respects human rights for all.

Katie Somers

Director of Outreach

Katie Somers has been with Toronto Right to Life since 2016. In 2015, she saw an abortion video that she happened upon through social media and that compelled Katie to focus on pro-life work exclusively, leaving behind her 14-year career as a flight attendant. Seeing the injustice so impacted her that she felt called to share the truth with others. She loves to change hearts and minds on abortion and assisted suicide, and is passionate about this life-saving work.

Angela Issac

Project Coordinator

Angela is an International Development professional, who is passionate about creating sustainable solutions to pressing social issues and standing true to her morality. When in search for a social need that urgently required time and attention, she attended the Toronto March for Life. The talks and fervor at the March, exposed her to the gravity of abortion rates in the society. With a desire to equip herself for the movement, she took part in the annual pro-life crash course. The course gave her an opportunity to do activism in the busy streets of Downtown Toronto. Talking to people on the streets made her realize the need for compassion and apologetics to change hearts.This motivated her to dedicate her skills and talent full time to the pro-life movement and be a voice for the voiceless.

Shana Abraham

Project Coordinator

Shana is currently a student at York University’s Schulich School of Business studying Business Administration. She discovered her passion for the pro-life movement when confronted by it at high-school and began to learn more about the apologetics and presenting the pro-life perspective with compassion. This led her to volunteer with Toronto Against Abortion and later complete CCBR’s Summer Internship in 2022 where she learned to be an effective pro-life advocate working to make Toronto more pro-life. She feels passionate about reaching a culture sleepwalking through great injustice and is driven to do her part in making a difference.