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Abortion affects everyone, including those in your faith community.

With almost three hundred innocent preborn children killed by abortion in Canada every day, and thousands more killed through assisted suicide every year, we need to reach everyone with the pro-life message without delay.

Recent studies by Pew Research have found that a significant proportion of people in faith communities across the United States are in support of abortion. While the responses were varied, one thing is clear: we need to do more to not only reach our fellow Canadians, but also our fellow faith community members.

We’ve visited churches across Toronto, and have found that many are pro-choice or uncertain of their position on the issue. Others are pro-life, but don’t know how they can put their beliefs into action. You can change that!

Toronto Right to Life offers outreach and educational opportunities for faith communities across the city. This includes:

  • – scheduling a TRTL outreach table after Sunday Mass or service;
  • – holding an educational speaking event;
  • – providing resources, such as books;
  • – and more!

We’re prepared to work collaboratively with your community to come up with a plan to bring the pro-life message to your community and activate your fellow members. Contact us via the form below, call us at 416-483-7869, or email us at to get started.

How to get started:


Facilitate an outreach table or a talk in your church or faith community.


Help us get in touch with groups within your community, such as a youth group, K of C, CWL, or other group.


Organize collections and connections with the pro-life movement.


Let us know and we’ll reach out to you.