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The Charter protects the right of the pro-life community to be a voice for voiceless pre-born children, but governments and abortion advocates are trying to censor the pro-life message.

In July 2023, the City of Toronto passed a motion calling for a report on restricting any leaflets or signage with fetal imagery. The report is expected in April 2024.

If a bylaw were passed, it would be illegal for pro-lifers to share the pro-life message on public streets in our city. Our work relies on the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to protect the innocent and vulnerable. The thousands of people we encounter with regularly will be deprived of the chance to think differently about abortion. If we cannot share the pro-life message in the public square, where else can we share the pro-life message?

To ensure our right to defend the vulnerable in the public square, we need your help. Now is the time to speak up and take action. It is critical that we make our voices heard.

By taking action, you are participating in not only a fight to protect our ability to share the pro-life message equally, but also protecting the right to freedom of expression which is a cornerstone of our democracy.

Visit the Defend Our Voice website to learn how you can defend the right to freedom of expression both here in Toronto and beyond.

Take action:

1. Sign the TRTL petition to the City of Toronto

Every pro-lifer should sign!

2. Email city council

Councillors need to hear from as many pro-lifers as possible, especially if you’re a constituent.

3. Meet with your Councillor

Councillors need to hear from as many pro-lifers as possible.

And more!

We need your help now more than ever. Take action and help pro-lifers across the region defend our voice.