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It is important that we share the pro-life message with those around us so we can change hearts and minds, inspire other pro-lifers to action, and ultimately, save lives.

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Suggested Presentation Topics:

  • Engaging the Secular Culture

    • This presentation covers how we can strategically reach and change our culture by learning from successful social reformers of the past.

  • Abortion: Why Not? 

    • This presentation explains why abortion is a human rights violation using science and human rights.

  • Abortion Apologetics 101

    • Learn basic dialogue tools to effectively defend human rights for all human beings.

  • Reaching a Wounded Culture

    • Understand how you can share the truth with love and compassion to people who’ve been impacted by abortion.

  • The Case Against Assisted Suicide

    • This presentation aims to respond to the pro-assisted suicide’s main argument, which is “Your Life, Your Choice” and make the case that our duty to the suicidal is to prevent their suicide and never assist it.

  • And more! Please contact us for more information about further topics we are able to speak on.