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This Friday May 13th, 2022, join us in the largest city in the country and stand united with the pro-life movement against injustice.

About the Toronto March for Life


If you're able to, come a bit earlier between 11:30am and 12:00pm and listen into some of the interviews taking place, hosted by Pieter Boss, host of the popular Pro-Life Guys Podcast!


The Rally portion of the event begins formally at 12pm. This will include formal speeches by leaders in the movement.

The speaker list will be announced soon! 


The March will take place starting at approximately 1:30pm. While no one is required to March, we highly encourage you to do so if you are able! 

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, and consider bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated. Marshals will be wearing a distinctive uniform and will be directing you along the route. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them any questions!

Expect the route to be about 3-5 kilometres in length on city streets.

Getting Here


Chartered buses must register with us at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Click the link below to register:

Bus Parking

There are no designated parking areas for buses driving attendees to the event. Some research ahead of time on bus parking locations is strongly recommended.


The City of Toronto has a limited number of spaces across the city where buses may park free of charge. This information can be found on the City of Toronto's website on the 'Parking for Buses in Toronto' page.

These spaces will be in high demand, so make sure that you have an alternative location lined up in case no spaces are available.


If you are looking for a parking lot that might be suitable for buses, you may find Parkopedia a useful tool to help you find parking suitable for buses. Because Parkopedia is a third party service, we strongly recommend to confirm any information you find by calling ahead, as the site may not be up to date. Contact information for the lot operator can usually be found if you click the options on the map.


Driving and parking downtown can be a challenge, and traffic can be unpredictable, so you may wish to consider alternatives, like carpooling or taking GO Transit.

Many GO Transit stations across the region offer free parking and are a convenient and reliable option for commuting downtown.

If you are travelling by car, there are a number of options:

‘Green P’ Parking

The Toronto Parking Authority tends to have the most affordable rates in the city. Check out the Toronto Parking Authority's website to view a full map of their available parking lots/garages. When navigating, look for the large Green 'P' signs when searching for a lot to park in.

Several of the closest 'Green P' Parking lots are shown below:

University of Toronto Parking Lots

Queen's Park is in th middle of the University of Toronto's main downtown campus, and provides many parking options as well.

Shown below are several of the U of T managed parking lots near Queen's Park:


Regional Transit: GO Transit

GO Transit runs regional transit services across the GTHA and beyond, including buses and trains. Some GO Transit stations include free parking so you can park your car somewhere near the edge of the city and ride GO the rest of the way into the city.

If you plan on travelling to the March using GO Transit, the simplest route is to travel to Union Station and take the University-Spadina Subway Line (Line 1) from Union Subway Station to Queen's Park Station. TTC employees would be more than happy to help you get there!

Learn more about GO Transit.

Local Transit Service: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Queen's Park is accessible by transit on the TTC via the Streetcar and the Subway. For more information, please visit the TTC's website.

506 Carlton Streetcar

Disembark at:
College St at University Ave (Queen’s Park Station)

Subway Line 1

Disembark at Queen’s Park Station and follow exit signs to north side of intersection.

Map showing stop to get of at:


If you would like posters or postcards to promote the March, please contacts us and we'd be happy to supply you with materials!

  • 416-483-7869

You can also download the files to print your own posters here:


Due to logistical constraints, we are sorry to announce that we are not holding workshops or a conference this year. We encourage everyone to connect with us during the rally and attend the pro-life training events available throughout the year.


We are hoping for good weather, but be prepared! We recommend you check the forecast before your arrival.

Essential information


Friday, May 13th, 2022


11:30 am: Gather at location and interviews

12:00 pm: Rally begins

1:30 pm: March through downtown Toronto

3:00 pm: Closing remarks


Queen's Park South, Toronto ON, on the lawn in front of the Ontario Provincial Legislature.