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Mission & Vision

At Toronto Right to Life, we envision a country where the intrinsic dignity of every human life is valued and the human rights of all human beings are protected.

We are a human rights organization that aims to make abortion and assisted suicide unthinkable. By providing scientific evidence and research, and learning from past successful social reformers, we can change hearts and minds to save lives.


Abortion and assisted suicide are two of the biggest social injustices of our time. About 100,000 innocent children are killed by abortion every year and thousands more are killed by assisted suicide. As part of the educational arm of the pro-life movement, our goal is to change hearts and minds in order to save lives.

Our educational work is crucial in helping the other two arms of the pro-life movement: pastoral and political. We need to change hearts and minds in order for women and men to accept support through a pregnancy, and reject help out of pregnancy from abortion clinics. We also need to change public opinion, in order to change public policies. Changing the way our society feels and thinks about abortion are necessary to change their behaviour towards it. The same applies to assisted suicide.

Three Areas of Focus:


Learning from successful social reformers of the past such as the abolitionists and Civil Rights activist, we need to show our culture the inhumanity of abortion and humanity of pre-born children by using compelling evidence and clear reasons.

We at Toronto Right to Life are changing hearts and minds through the use of photographic evidence and conversations rooted in science and human rights. These two essential components are incorporated into our projects to effectively bring about cultural change.

Change is happening. We have seen countless of minds changed and lives saved. By changing Canada’s largest city, we can transform the country.


In order to reach the whole city, we need the help of other pro-lifers to reach their own circles effectively. We provide opportunities and resources to high schools, campuses and communities to empower and equip them to have effective conversations with their own peers on important life issues.

Movement Building

We need to grow the pro-life movement across the country to end the injustice of abortion and assisted suicide. TRTL serves as a local gateway to the pro-life movement by collaborating with other pro-life groups in the provincial and national levels, and from the other two arms of the movement, pastoral and political.

Key areas of focus:


Changing hearts and minds


Empowering and equipping pro-lifers

Movement building

Foster the development of the pro-life movement locally and nationally