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“I should have never had the abortion. I never thought things would be this way. If I had known, or at least have been warned that that ‘little decision’ would have this effect on me, I would have never followed through with it.”

– Patricia, from Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims by Janet Morana, p. 61

This is a human rights violation of massive proportions. We are in a crisis, and need urgent action to save the lives of thousands of children and spare their parents the trauma of abortion.

To end abortion and save the lives of women like Patricia and her pre-born child, we need to make abortion unthinkable in the eyes of the public. Abortion must be seen, understood, and rejected for the lie it is. Everyone needs to know the truth.

Toronto Right to Life is the only local pro-life educational organization dedicated to educating the public on abortion with compassion and conviction in one of the most important cities in the country.

Our mission is to create lasting change in our society by providing clear and compelling evidence for the pro-life cause.

TORONTO is critical for the pro-life movement.

It is the largest city in Canada, with 9 MILLION people living within an easy distance from the city.

It is the capital of one of the most influential provinces, and is also a centre of education, commerce, legislation, and culture.

What happens in Toronto shapes our world and that of all Canadians.

Winning the hearts and minds of Torontonians is essential in changing the whole country.

Your support has been transforming public consensus on pro-life issues, even throughout the pandemic.

“I’m very glad I found these webinars… I think the most valuable thing about [them] is the sense of community… finding hope that you’re not alone in your vision for the sanctity of life in our modern world, particularly where we are which is very pro-abortion.”

– Sina

350+ hrs activating other pro-lifers to share the truth

55+ sessions changing hearts and minds with thousands of views

Defending our rights to free expression in court

Educating high school students in-person and virtually

This December 1st is Giving Tuesday

2020 has been one of our toughest years yet. Nonetheless, we refuse to be silent and give up. As long as the injustice of abortion and assisted suicide persist, we will continue our mission: to make abortion and assisted suicide unthinkable.

While we may not be able to see each other in person, you are with us in spirit every step of the way.

Every changed heart and mind is made possible by your financial contribution to our pro-life mission.

This Giving Tuesday, Canadians will be donating to thousands of non-profits to make this world a better place.

Will you renew your support of TRTL today to ensure that everyone has the most fundamental right: the Right to Life?