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Join us in building a #prolifeTO

Human Rights for All Human Beings

regardless of your age or ability


If something is growing, isn't it alive?


If something has human parents, doesn't that make them human?


Wouldn't that make abortion a human rights violation?

Abortion directly and intentionally kills an innocent human being

Don’t believe us? Watch this video:

Together, we will make abortion unthinkable.

Through community action, you can change hearts and minds and save lives.


“I really appreciate what I'm seeing from Toronto Right to Life. They're worthy of your support… because they've got the right idea. You've got to change people's minds and you've got to make abortion unthinkable.”

– Dr. Anthony Levatino, pro-life advocate and former abortionist

“You know, when I saw you here last year, I thought you were wrong. I wouldn’t have taken a pamphlet, or even talked to you. I was pro-choice. But, after seeing you here again and again, I started to think more about the issue and did some research. I read some of the arguments, and watched a video of an abortion. After seeing that, I changed my mind, and I think abortion is wrong. Thanks for what you are doing here, and keep up the good work.”

– University of Toronto student

“You have made a big impact at our school with the presentation. The presentation made me more aware of the effects that abortion could have … and I am defiantly against this whole idea. This inspired me to want to volunteer with you guys so I could help spread the word and make an impact just like the presentation did for me.”

– High school volunteer