Volunteer with us!

Toronto Right to Life has been serving as non profit human rights organization since 1971. Today, we are grateful for the progress we have made but our work is more urgent than ever. We are living in a country that not only permits abortion but now also permits euthanasia and assisted suicide. We refuse to accept a culture of death and we are increasing our efforts and growing our volunteer team. We invite you, as a supporter of TRTL, to join us.

As a supporter of TRTL you can make a significant contribution by lending a hand to help cover some of the most fundamental areas of our work. Here’s how you can help:

In-office assistance:
Library and archives: Assist with cataloging books and organizing archive materials every Thursday between 10 am and 12 pm.

Christmas Card Campaign (annual fundraiser): Card packing, order packing and inventory count assistance (year round).

Information distribution: Assemble, mail and hand deliver paper materials advertising upcoming events and opportunities.

Out-of-office assistance:
Charity Fundraiser Program – Session monitor: Serve as a session monitor for two hours per month. Two hours of your time raises funds that enable TRTL to provide educational materials and special presentations to Toronto residents.

Education Team: Toronto Right to Life is continuing to recruit passionate pro-life advocates to serve as volunteer members of our Education Team (formerly known as our Speakers Bureau).

We understand the importance of pro-life education to inspire pro-life action and change the culture in our city. Our Education Team gives presentations in schools, faith communities, youth groups, university campuses and to other organizations.

We are looking for educational speakers on abortion and/or assisted suicide for a high school audience and older. We are also looking for educational speakers on the biology of prenatal development for an elementary school audience. Training and materials will be provided.

Contact Toronto Right to Life to receive additional information about how you can become a part of the team and to sign up today.