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October 15, 16 & 18


Every year Toronto Right to Life hits the streets with its volunteers to disseminate vital statistics and important information about abortion in Canada and Ontario.  Volunteers hand out thousands of information cards that raise awareness about the tragic costs of abortion. 

These “Street Information Campaigns” have been highly successful.  Judging from the number of people who read the information, and from those who offer comments, it would appear that much more is happening than meets the eye. 

TRL conducts its street campaign for one week every summer.  Volunteers are needed in order for this public outreach to be successful.  Consider joining us for this opportunity to raise public awareness about abortion risks, costs, and life-affirming alternatives!

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Commentary: Pro-life blogger takes Ontario gvmt to court (via LSN)

By Patrick Wilson

In Canada, you can find statistics on just about anything. Searching through the vast database of Statistics Canada, you can find statistics that vary from the percentage of underweight Canadians to the changing patterns of senior volunteer work. Most important of these statistics, however, should be the disclosure of government expenditures. As a democratic country with an elected government, Canadian citizens should be entitled, at the very least, to know what is being done in their country and province using their taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, this democratic right to information seems to falls flat when it comes to abortion statistics. Since 2009, statistics on abortion in Ontario have not been made available to the public–this despite abortion being a medical procedure which is 100% funded by taxpayer dollars in the province. For the past three years, Ontarians have been left in the dark as to just how much our provincial government is spending on abortion. But according to most accounts, it is likely bigger–in fact, much bigger–than the government would like you to know (see this article).

This is unacceptable, even for those who are completely in favour of abortion-on-demand, when we consider that these funds could be going to other forms of health care that even many pro-choice taxpayers would agree is more important. For example, PET (positron emmision tomography) scanning in Ontario is grossly underfunded, yet it allows for vital early detection of otherwise lethal cancers. Patients are often forced to wait months to receive appointments for these scans, and yet, a woman can have an OHIP covered abortion within a matter of days for any reason–including abortion based on something as unnecessary as disliking the gender of the child.

Sadly, instead of promoting the public interest, it seems that the Ontario government would rather tacitly deny its taxpayers access to basic information on abortion statistics. Thankfully, this is not going to remain undisputed. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney–who discovered the suppression of abortion statistics in the first place–has stepped up to the plate to challenge this new status quo by taking the province to court over their oppressive behaviour (See the LifeSiteNews article below).

It is courageous action like this that stirs change. We have seen it at the federal level, with Motions 312 and 408, presented in the last session of Parliament. However, with attention focused at the national level, what often remain overlooked are the equally important small steps that are needed to set the groundwork for big change. This Maloney court challenge, at the provincial level, is one of those steps. Whether Ms. Maloney wins the case or not is secondary to the message it sends to our government: we, the Canadian, pro-life, taxpaying citizens, are not about to let the province dictate what we should or should not think, know, and pay for.



Pro-life blogger taking Ontario gvmt to court over suppression of abortion stats

by Patrick B. Craine

Thu Jul 18 11:23 AM EST

OTTAWA, July 18, 2013 ( – Ottawa pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney announced this morning that she is taking the Ontario government to court over its recent legislative changes that deny access to provincial abortion statistics.The change to the freedom of information law was made through Bill 122, which came into effect unnoticed in January 2012, and came to light after Maloney exposed it on her blog,Run with Life.“As a blogger and a member of the new media, I’m taking on the government and challenging them over this undemocratic move,” Maloney said in a press release Thursday morning. “Tax-payers should know how their tax dollars are being spent.”…

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An Interview with Pro-Life Crossroads Canada Walk Leader (via LSN)

Crossroads_Saskatchewan-640x440July 9, 2013 ( – While most college students spend their summer earning money for school, one group of young people have dedicated their entire summer to walking across various countries throughout the world to raise awareness about what they say is the “most important human rights issue of our day.”

The young people wear t-shirts with the words “PRO-LIFE” in large letters across the front, hoping to catch the attention – and, maybe even the hearts and minds of people they meet along the way…

To read the rest of the LifeSiteNews article, click this link.

To find out more about the Crossroads Canada team, and their arrival in Toronto later this month, visit their website at

You can also follow their regular blog at


Second trimester babies respond to speech before speech centers have developed: study (From LifeSiteNews)

June 24, 2013 ( – Every dad who has in vain attempted to “shush” a distraught child knows that there’s no soothing music like a mother’s voice to get the job done. Until now he may not have known why.

Researchers penetrating the development of the child in the womb discovered that at just 29 weeks’ gestation, the neurons in a preterm baby’s brain are already reacting differently to different sounds (ba versus ga) and different voices (masculine versus feminine), well before the brain’s centers of speech have fully developed and migrated to their final location.

Toronto Right to Life Statement on the Death of Henry Morgentaler

The Toronto Right to Life Association expresses its sympathy to the Morgentaler family upon the death of Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s most prominent abortion activist. Our sympathy is also with the millions of children who lost their lives to abortion, largely because of Henry Morgentaler’s activism, and with the families of these children.   Canada now stands alone among modern democracies as having no legal protection whatsoever for children inside the womb.  We believe that every human being, born or preborn, has the right to life and we will continue to promote and advocate for the right to life for the preborn until the day when it becomes universal.

DefendGirls: Canada’s Newest Pro-Life Initiative


Following closely on the heels of Mark Warwara’s anti-gendercide motion, M-408, DefendGirls has launched in Canada to promote awareness of the largely ignored issue of sex-selective abortions in Canada. Formed by a collaborative coalition of a number of pro-life groups and individuals across Canada, DefendGirls seeks to educate the Canadian public on the issue of sex-selective abortions in Canada by providing resources, international statistics, regular blogging, and providing physical materials and apparel regarding the cause. While Motion 408 has been deemed non-votable by Canadian Parliament, DefendGirls continues to maintain a strong campaign and currently remains one of the most active pro-life groups in Canada.


To discover more, visit


Our partners at National Campus Life Network (NCLN) have just submitted a press release regarding the denial of club status for a pro-life group on a B.C. college campus. Below is the excerpted press release (you can find more information and the original release at the following link:




Kwantlen Pro-Life Student Group Denied Right to Exist on their University Campus


LANGLEY, B.C. (November 27 2012) – Students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University have obtained legal representation to fight a recent rejection by the student union of their application to form a pro-life club on campus.


The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA), which represents the students from the university’s four Vancouver Metro area campuses, explained its decision by stating that the creation of the Protectores Vitae club “is clearly against our own standing policy on Abortion and a Woman’s Right to Choose.”


“We’re very disappointed,” said Oliver Capko, president of the pro-life group.  “Our student association is supposed to represent us and not censor us for having a different position.”


“They are in violation of their own policies,” stated Anastasia Pearse, the Western Campus Coordinator for National Campus Life Network, an organization which supports pro-life students across Canada.  “Their own policy states that the association can’t censor or interfere with a club, even if it disagrees with its beliefs.  Free speech and debate, even on controversial issues, should not be stifled at a university simply because those in positions of authority are pro-choice.”


It also appears that the association may have made amendments on October 26 to Article 2 of its Club Procedures Policy in an attempt to create a stronger basis for denying status.  The changes significantly increased the ways in which the student association could justify the denial of club recognition.


The club is demanding that the Kwantlen Student Association grant them status.  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) has taken the case and is acting on behalf of Protectores Vitae.


“We sincerely hope that it will not be necessary for Mr. Capko and other students to sue the KSA,” said John Carpay, lawyer and President of the JCCF.  “The student union has no legal authority to impose its own views about a moral or political issue on all students by denying club status to students who disagree with the student union.  The student union has an obligation to treat all students equally and fairly, without denying the right of students to freely associate on the Kwantlen campus and form the clubs of their own choosing.”




For media requests, please contact:


Oliver Capko, President Protectores Vitae,, 604-772-1156

Anastasia Pearse, Western Campus Coordinator of the National Campus Life Network,, 604 365 3484

John Carpay, President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, 403-619-8014 or



Canadian MP decries censorship against pro-life students

University of Victoria Pro-Life Club Censored Once Again

Campus Communism and Beyond

TRL Press Release Statement on Motion 312

Toronto, ON  September 28, 2012.  Motion 312, proposed by MP Stephen Woodworth, and which called for the forming of a committee to study the question of when human life begins, was defeated in Parliament Wednesday, by a vote of 203 to 91.  While most pro-life supporters, including Mr. Woodworth, saw little chance of the motion passing, and while many “pro-choice” supporters are celebrating its defeat, Motion 312 has made a significant impact for those who support valuing all human life.  The vehement opposition from many Parliamentarians to not only forming a committee to study the current relevance of the nearly 400-year old definition of “human being” in the Canadian Criminal Code, but to even discussing the issue has brought to light to the Canadian public the great game of make-believe, denial, and avoidance regarding the nature of unborn human beings that is taking place in our nation’s Capital and in much of our mainstream culture.   Medical and biological science (not to mention basic human reason), which prove with finality that the unborn are of the human species and are living (thus, human beings), are being
knowingly ignored, kept hidden behind the transparent shield of an ancient law which is kept alive solely because it serves the purpose of maintaining the status quo of abortion in Canada.   Motion 312 has awakened much of the Canadian population to this shameful pretension.

Abortion, completely unrestricted by any legal parameters whatsoever in Canada and thus permitted until the moment of birth, has become to many a virtual deity.  Its sacredness to them is such that even questioning or debating its inviolability is seen as heresy and is forbidden.
If abortion “rights” supporters are so confident that Canadians share their convictions, let us put the motion to the vote of the Canadian
public directly.

Despite the defeat of Motion 312, especially in light of the extensive discussion which it raised in the public mind over the past months,
Toronto Right to Life remains confident and optimistic that Canadians will not allow censorship and the ignoring of the issue by abortion
“rights” advocates to blind them to the grave injustice of abortion. The very fact that abortion advocates felt the need to eliminate any
opening of the question of when human life begins is itself proof that, in the arena of objective and scientific facts, the pro-life cause has the truth on its side. The issue will never be closed until there is the right to life for every single person in Canada, from conception to natural death.

Paul Klotz
Executive Director
Toronto Right to Life Association

Support the Letters4Life Campaign!

100,000 children die every year because of abortion.

100,000 letters could change that.

Will YOU make a difference?

Letters4Life is a campaign to write 100,000 letters to the Prime Minister opposing abortion. Though Mr. Harper has stated repeatedly that the abortion debate will not be re-opened, we believe it is time for a change. Please help us by following three steps:

Step 1: Write and send a letter! You can write as many times as you like, regardless of your age or where you live. Children are encouraged to draw a picture with a short message, such as “Life” or “Save the babies.” Postage is free! You can find the address, form letters, and more information at

Step 2: Take the survey to let us know how many letters are being sent. That way, we can keep track of how close we’re getting to the goal. Here is the link:

Step 3: Forward and spread the word! Let’s unite to show that CANADIANS ARE PRO-LIFE!

The goal is to write 100,000 letters by May 10th, the day of the Ottawa March for Life.

So yeah, maybe we’re crazy. But we’re determined. We’re strong. We’re passionate.

And that’s what’s going to make the difference.

Speaking out against ABORTION by sending 100,000 PROLIFE LETTERS to Prime Minister Stephen Harper by May 10th

LETTERS4LIFE: please visit the website

Canadian MP decries censorship against pro-life students

OTTAWA, March 12, 2012 ( – by Thaddeus Baklinski

Conservative MP Leon Benoit spoke out in Parliament on March 6 denouncing the censorship of pro-life students in Canadian universities.

“Universities in Canada are often thought of as the bastions of free speech and expression. Certainly they are the last places where censorship should occur. I wish this were true, but sadly, it is not,” Mr. Benoit stated.  “When it comes to some of the most sensitive issues, such as pro-life issues, many universities are exactly the opposite.”

Mr. Benoit reminded the House of the arrest under a charge of trespassing of pro-life students at Ottawa’s Carleton University on October 4, 2010, for conducting a peaceful pro-life demonstration on the university campus.  “When students at Ottawa’s Carleton University put up a pro-life display, some students found the photos offensive and complained. I expect that most Canadians would find such photos offensive but that was the point the group was making: that abortion and particularly late stage abortion is offensive,” Mr. Benoit said.

“What is of concern is how the university reacted. It demanded that the group remove its display and then charged the students when they refused.”  “Similar censorship has occurred at universities in Toronto, Calgary, Fredericton and, most recently, Victoria where students are banned from carrying out pro-life activities and were forced to apologize to groups that were offended by their display,” Mr. Benoit pointed out.

“I call on all universities,” Mr. Benoit concluded, “to truly become places where students and society can count on free speech and free expression being allowed and, in fact, encouraged.”


To view the full article originally posted on, please click here.


University of Victoria Pro-Life Club Censored Once Again

Campus Communism and Beyond