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Learn how to defend the pro-life position against abortion in conversation with compassion and conviction, using science and human rights to change hearts and minds — and save lives! For newcomers, this is training for activism, speaking, or just having conversations with friends and colleagues. For the experienced, this is […]

Pro-Life Apologetics Workshops: Abortion Dialogue

Looking for something fun and meaningful to do this March Break? Want to be a confident defender of human rights for all and interested in meeting other high school pro-life students from across the GTA? Then don’t miss this opportunity! Register today. Email us at or call us at 416-483-7869 for more […]

Pro-Life Day of Action

High school students, teachers and parents are invited to join us at Student Life Link Conference 2017! (Formerly known as the Respect for Life Leadership Conference). This conference is a one day event designed to equip students with practical tools needed to spread the message of life. Stay posted for updates […]

Student Life Link Conference 2017 registration now open! (Free event)

Canada now permits abortion and assisted suicide. We need to combat these massive human rights violations in a way that will work. Join us on November 17th, as Jonathon Van Maren shares the perspective and strategy necessary for us to adopt as we continue engage in some of the largest […]

Jonathon Van Maren: Maintaining Hope in the Culture of Death ...

Meet the rest of the team who served with Toronto Right to Life this Summer! They were asked the same questions as Anna and Matthew, here’s what they said: How do you explain what you do to your parents? Filip: I explain that I work at a pro-life organization that provides education on the core life issues. Rosamine: I […]

More from the 2016 TRTL Intern Team: Filip, Rosamine and ...

When I was about ten years old, I asked my mum what “abortion” meant, and she told me it was the legalized killing of a human baby. My reaction was to hug her and cry. Since then, my view on abortion has remained the same: I have never wavered in […]

Gaining the Courage of my Convictions: Why I am Pro-life ...

Meet Anna and Matthew! They are two out of five interns serving on the 2016 TRTL Summer Intern Team. They’re passionate about social justice, human rights and providing pro-life education to Toronto and the GTA. Read on to find out more about them: How do you explain what you do to your parents? Anna: Because they are very pro-life, […]

Introducing the 2016 TRTL Intern Team: Anna G. and Matthew ...