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Remembering the Morgentaler Decision

Today, we remember the Morgentaler decision. It took away the last protections for pre-born children in Canada, making abortion legal in our country for any reason or no reason at all, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Since then, the death toll continues to grow. An estimated 4.3 million pre-born babies had been killed since 1969, with countless mothers and fathers hurting because of abortion.

Let that number sink in for a moment.

There are days when I am discouraged because I have to do activism in extremely cold or hot weather.

There are days when I get screamed and cursed at for speaking up for the truth. There are days when I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done. Sometimes, I think to myself, “This is too difficult. I don’t know if I can stay.”

But then, I remember the children who have been torn to pieces by abortion. I remember the women and men I have met on the streets, who have shared with me their pain and regret over past abortions. I remember the people I have spoken with who are hurting because their family member or loved one had an abortion.

It is in these moments I remember the ‘why’ behind my decision to get involved and work full-time for the movement.

Though the number of abortions every year and their impact can be daunting to think about, it is important that we take a moment to remember why we’re in this fight. It’s important that we don’t forget who we’re fighting for and what’s at stake.

Despite the darkness, as we recall the Morgentaler decision today, I also remember the days we change people’s minds on abortion. I remember the days when we saved a baby’s life, the days when a woman decided to cancel her abortion, and when post-abortive men and women receive hope and healing. In every encounter, we are seeing change.

However, in order to change the whole city and the whole country, we need every single pro-lifer sharing the truth of abortion with our culture. Sometimes, the most impactful stories of hearts and minds being changed nearly didn’t happen because we almost didn’t have enough people to safely run activism. Just one person can make a huge difference and be the difference between life and death, healing and pain.

Let’s mark this grim milestone with a more positive one. If you are remembering the tragedy of on-demand abortion in Canada for over 30 years, make this the day that you take action. There are so many ways to get involved in the pro-life movement. Let’s end this tragedy togetherclick here to join TRTL in the fight for human rights for all today.

by Michelle Caluag