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Our Education Team: Changing Hearts and Minds Across the GTA

by Katie Somers

One of the most effective and engaging ways that we educate young people on the topic of abortion, is through our Education Team. Our speakers travel across the GTA bringing a powerful presentation on why abortion is always wrong, to high school students and other members of the community, such as youth groups, church groups and university clubs. While the presentation is consistent with religious teachings on why abortion is wrong, the approach we use is a secular one, arguing for the pro-life position using science, ethics, history and philosophy, so that it is a message that can be accepted by anybody and everybody.

We are able to track the effectiveness of our presentation through the use of anonymous feedback forms, which we hand out at the beginning of the presentation, and first ask people to rank their position on the issue before we begin, with 0 being fully supportive of abortion and 10 being fully opposed. At the end of the presentation, we have the attendees fill out the rest of the form, giving us their view on abortion on the same scale, as well as answering questions about what parts of the presentation impacted them the most, whether they recommend it, and if they have any questions or comments.


The results we have observed from our high school feedback forms have been nothing short of incredible.

The number of students who identified as mostly or entirely pro-life, meaning they chose a 6 out of 10 or higher, increased by 19.5% with 58% of those students choosing a 10/10 – completely pro-life. Two thirds of the students who completed the form shifted towards the pro-life stance by at least 1 point. Regardless of their position on the issue following the presentation, 89% of respondents said that they recommend the presentationand 61% said they felt motivated to take action because of it.

Feedback and Comments

The comments on the forms have been one of the best measures of how effective, engaging and powerful our presentation is.

One example:

Before the presentation:

“If they don’t get an abortion, the child may face poverty or abuse.”

After the presentation:

“They should get help instead of an abortion.”

And another…

Before the presentation:

“Abortion is a horrible action, but if needed, the choice is the parent’s.”

After the presentation:

“Abortion is never the right option. If the child is not wanted then adoption is better.”

Our team reached 2,560 people with the pro-life perspective from January to August of 2018 through our Education Team. We know our presentation changes hearts and minds and we know it inspires and motivates people to take action.

“Our team reached 2,560 people with the pro-life perspective from January to August of 2018…”

Book a Presentation

If you are interested in booking one of our Education Team members to come to your school, church or other venue, and give a free presentation, contact us at and help educate to change hearts and minds and save lives.