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Toronto Right to Life has delivered pro-life education to Toronto and the GTA since 1971. TRTL’s Education Team provides presentations and workshops designed to assist community leaders, pastors and teachers address the issues of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.  Current material approaches the life issues from the perspective of science and human rights, to change hearts and minds and save lives.

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Here’s what students and teachers have said about our presentations:

Teachers from different high schools

“The topic of abortion and related issues discussed are relevant and important for young adolescents to gain awareness. Having this presentation in all schools should be considered a high priority.” –teacher at Marshall McLuhan Secondary

“[Speaker’s] presentations were superb, and clarity was exceptional” – teacher at St. Therese of Liseux Secondary School

“Discussions are on-going on this topic for some time (weeks, sometimes) after presentations” – teacher at St. Therese of Liseux

“Very personable, approachable, on top of [their] game; good voice quality, good class control; flexible re. subject; versatile range of pro-life issues” – teacher at St. Joe’s Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School

Grade 10 and 12 Students from John Paul II Secondary School

“This presentation was very helpful because I thought having an abortion was ok if your young because having a child at a young age is wrong. But now I know killing the baby is even worse.”

“I learned that abortion is wrong and it’s not right to hurt innocent people. I also learned that unborn babies are human beings and we all have freedom.”

“I thought that the guest speaker was excellent and provided us with a new point of view. [They] made us aware of what is going on in our community …”