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Canada Summer Jobs Update: We Look Forward to Applying in 2019

With the recent announcement of the 2019 Canada Summer Job program requirements, we would like to update our supporters on the status of our case.

First of all, we welcome the government’s decision to remove the unconstitutional 2018 attestation from the Canada Summer Jobs program in 2019. This is a victory for the Rule of Law and freedom of expression for all Canadians. It is a victory for all those who stood against the government’s unconstitutional incursion into the beliefs and opinions of Canadians. When the freedom of speech of one Canadian is infringed, all Canadians lose. Government has no place in compelling speech or punishing Canadians for their viewpoints. For a second year in a row now, taking legal action against unconstitutional government discrimination has made an impact.

However, our claim initiated in 2018 remains ongoing at this point in time. The Minister has still not provided the Canada Summer Jobs funding that was denied on the basis of the unconstitutional 2018 attestation. The Minister has still not backed down on last year’s claim. 

Our recent focus over the past several months has been on two motions before the court regarding our claim. First, we have asked the government for the full story, the record, on their decision to require the attestation in 2018, as we believe there is important information remaining that has not yet been disclosed. Second, we have responded to an affidavit submitted by Action Canada (formerly Planned Parenthood Canada) as an intervenor on behalf of the government, which unfairly mischaracterizes the pro-life movement. We compiled and forwarded information to set the record straight. Our organization and other pro-life organizations simply exercise our right to freedom of expression, peacefully and civilly, to share scientific information about the beginning of human life and a human rights message, as well as information on support available for alternatives to abortion, in order to fully inform Canadians on the abortion issue. We believe all Canadians have a right to be fully informed about the issue of abortion.

On this note, we are still evaluating the 2019 Canada Summer Job program requirements in reference to our 2019 application. We look forward to applying for funding under the 2019 requirements, since our organization and our activities and projects do not undermine or restrict access to legal abortion services in any way. Our efforts simply provide important information to the public about science, human rights and abortion alternatives, so that people can make fully informed choices about abortion. All we can do is share this important information with the general public in the hopes that people facing difficult pregnancy situations will choose life for their children and avoid the trauma of abortion. Sharing a message to try to persuade members of the public on a given issue is not the same as undermining or restricting someone’s legal rights. If this were the case, any exercise of the right to freedom of expression on a particular issue would be undermining someone’s rights on that issue. This is simply not the case. 

If you are part of a pro-life group who is considering applying for Canada Summer Jobs funding in 2019, please feel free to contact us. We are stronger when we stand together. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Pro-Life Legal Defence Fund in 2018! Thanks to your support, we were able to raise $100k in 2018 in support of the legal battle on Canada Summer Jobs and on several other important legal issues for the pro-life movement in Canada.