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The latest from TRL

Pro-Life Day of Action

Looking for something fun and meaningful to do this March Break?

Want to be a confident defender of human rights for all and interested in meeting other high school pro-life students from across the GTA?

Then don’t miss this opportunity! Register today. Email us at or call us at 416-483-7869 for more info.

Student Life Link Conference 2017 registration now open! (Free event)

High school students, teachers and parents are invited to join us at Student Life Link Conference 2017! (Formerly known as the Respect for Life Leadership Conference).

This conference is a one day event designed to equip students with practical tools needed to spread the message of life. Stay posted for updates on this year’s speaker list and conference sessions.

This event is provided free of charge however registration is required. Register today by emailing or call 416-483-7869. (Registration is now closed, as of February 6th).


Jonathon Van Maren: Maintaining Hope in the Culture of Death (free evening presentation, open to the public)

rtl_agm_2016_fb1Canada now permits abortion and assisted suicide. We need to combat these massive human rights violations in a way that will work. Join us on November 17th, as Jonathon Van Maren shares the perspective and strategy necessary for us to adopt as we continue engage in some of the largest human rights battles of our time.

Jonathon is a pro-life speaker, writer and activist. He regularly gives presentations across North America on abortion and pro-life strategy. Jonathon graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. He is the communications director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and author of a new book, The Culture War, which explains how the Sexual Revolution transformed Western Civilization.

Jonathon’s presentation will be preceded by TRTL’s Annual General Meeting beginning at 7 pm. Join us and hear live updates about our current work, what we’re planning and how you can be a part of our mission to transform the GTA through pro-life education.

Event details:
Thursday November 17th
7:00 pm
120 Carlton Street, Toronto
Free and open to the public.

Find the event on Facebook:

Kristine Kruszelnicki: Why Atheists Should Be Pro-Life (free evening presentation, open to the public)


19% of non-religious people are Pro-Life — find out why!

Pro-life atheist Kristine Kruszelnicki will make a case based on science and human reason why all atheists should oppose abortion and advocate for human rights for all human beings, born or pre-born.

Kristine Kruszelnicki is the Executive Director of Pro-Life Humanists, an organization of pro-life atheists, agnostics and humanists making a secular case against abortion. Kristine is a passionate advocate for fetal rights and has been involved with the pro-life movement since 1996. Her speaking audiences have included high schools, youth groups, pro-life conferences and large youth rallies of more than 2000 young people, as well as secular meetups, and a host of online presentations.

Kristine delights in bringing the secular case for fetal rights to the most hostile of audiences: the predominantly pro-choice atheist community. Every year she attends several Atheist conventions with the intent of having face-to-face relational dialogue with pro-choice atheists, patiently changing many minds in the process. She has even dared interact with famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Penn Jillette and many more!

Event details:
Tuesday October 18th
7:30 – 9:00 pm
Room 179, University College, 15 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto
Free admission

More from the 2016 TRTL Intern Team: Filip, Rosamine and Jacob

Meet the rest of the team who served with Toronto Right to Life this Summer! They were asked the same questions as Anna and Matthew, here’s what they said:

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

Filip: I explain that I work at a pro-life organization that provides education on the core life issues.
Rosamine: I share what I do both in the office and on the streets and explain that our goal is to raise awareness and provide education. They are mainly interested in the public outreach I do and enjoy hearing about it.
Jacob: I just tell them. They know I am an activist and grassroots supporter on many issues. This is just another thing to add to the list.

Who do you look like?

Filip: So far I’ve been told I look like Donald Trump Jr. But I definitely do not look remotely Serbian (which is my background) due to my tan skin.
Rosamine: People have told me that I look like Vanessa Hudgens or Shay Mitchell, although my co-workers say otherwise. I’m half Iranian and Filipino, so my background is hard to compare with a famous person.
Jacob: I’ve been told I don’t look like anybody. I enjoy being unique!

How do you think what you’re doing this summer will benefit you in the future?

Filip: Working at Toronto Right to Life is an amazing experience where I get to work behind the scenes of the pro-life movement. I very much enjoy organizing resources for high school students to use for their pro-life clubs, which is correlated to my area of academic study, which is public relations.
Rosamine: I’ve learned a variety of skills while working with TRTL, including communication and teamwork skills. Working with community outreach has taught me efficient techniques and methods in this area. Being involved in pro-life activism has also helped me to grow into an active pro-lifer and I can continue to be  this no matter what else I do in the future.
Jacob: More grassroots experience and community outreach techniques will help me in activism that I do for the rest of my life. TRTL has also taught me good argument techniques, especially in pro-life apologetics. I look forward to take this with me as I engage the public.

When did you realize you wanted to be involved in helping to end abortion?

Filip: When I was in grade eleven I was very much attracted to the pro-life cause after learning about female gendercide in religion class and it soon became my favourite social justice cause. I also stumbled upon CCBR’s website,, during that time which very much inspired me to make a change.
Rosamine: In grade 10, I was taught about the truth of abortion and the reasoning on why it was an immoral act that killed the life of an innocent human being. After being reminded of the reality of abortion during TRTL’s apologetics training, and being inspired by other passionate pro-lifers, it convicted me to also be a part of ending abortion.
Jacob: My high-school philosophy teacher taught the class pro-life education. I was disappointed about this as I wanted to learn about Plato, Aristotle and others. Now I realize how it has shaped my view on abortion. Knowing that there is no law limiting abortion in Canada makes me sick to my stomach.

What rules do you live by?

Filip: I believe in the law of attraction. “What we think, we become” – Buddha
Rosamine: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21
Jacob: “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”
“Remember there is no such thing as an unrealistic goal – just unrealistic time frames.”
“When you are wronged repeatedly, the worst thing you can do is keep accepting it – fight back!”

What makes your day?

Filip: Hanging out with my friends and listening to music.
Rosamine: Having a good time with family and friends, listening to music, having deep talks, eating good food, beautiful scenery, and seeing acts of random kindness.
Jacob: Going home after a long day and being able to have a nap.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Filip: There was a time I wanted to be a teacher but my views on that have changed.
Rosamine: I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. I still love animals but I don’t see myself doing medical work in the future.
Jacob: Prime Minister. Always have and still do want to be.

What is one thing you would like to be remembered by/for?

Filip: I hope to be remembered for standing up for my beliefs, for my sense of humour and my funny tweets.
Rosamine: I strive to be remembered for being true to my beliefs, as a caring and joyful person, and for my amusing laugh.
Jacob: For changing Canadian society for the better.

What’s your favourite food combination?

Filip: I love pistachio ice-cream with pineapples.
Rosamine: Spaghetti with garlic bread and sliced cucumber and garlic mixed in plain yogurt on the side. Anna and I are spaghetti buddies.
Jacob: Lazeez on the Rocks – Rice, Chicken Shawarma, Garlic Sauce, Tahini Sauce and hot sauce.

Who is one of your hero’s?

Filip: My hero is Stephanie Gray, co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. Not just because of her inspirational talks, but after learning about the persecution she had to endure as a student at UBC. She founded UBC Lifeline in the late 90s when pro-life clubs were not common and she bravely organized the Genocide Awareness Project to be held on her campus which was met by student union officials destroying the display. After learning about how determined she was to hold to display every year it really put into perspective how important the pro-life cause is and that lives are on the line.
Rosamine: Alex Philip, my high school teacher and a speaker/advocate of a university organization I’m a part of, is one of my heroes. He has taught me so much, both through his endless knowledge and kindness towards others. He is fearless and always fights for what he believes in. He always remains hopeful, even in times of trouble. Today he is still a great influence in my life, as he encourages me to take steps of faith in everything that I do with much strength and endurance.
Jacob: Anyone who inspires me, and there are many. Jason Kenney will always be an inspiration.

Gaining the Courage of my Convictions: Why I am Pro-life in a Pro-choice Culture

When I was about ten years old, I asked my mum what “abortion” meant, and she told me it was the legalized killing of a human baby. My reaction was to hug her and cry. Since then, my view on abortion has remained the same: I have never wavered in my belief that a fetus is the same as a baby, and the deaths of babies deserve our tears. However, it has only been in the past few months that I realized I should to go beyond a raw emotional reaction to the abortion issue. Toronto Right to Life’s apologetics training brought home to me that being pro-life necessitates an actively thought out, logical argument against abortion. Now I know that when I identify as pro-life, I need to be able to demonstrate how scientifically an unborn child is as human as a toddler, showing that from a human rights perspective unborn humans deserve our protection, regardless of extenuating circumstances.

However, I believe that for me to be personally pro-life, I must bring to the general pro-life argument my own angle, which though perhaps unoriginal, allows me to combine my emotional response with an intellectual argument against abortion. I feel that no one will come to be pro-life unless they feel compassion for the little human life that will be cut short by abortion. The unborn have no way to tell their own story, and so we might find it far easier to sympathize with the mothers involved, who often are surrounded by incredibly difficult circumstances. We ourselves have no memory from before our birth, so we cannot identify with the unborn. Yet each of us once was one of the unborn, making the pro-life movement almost a retroactive fight in our own self-defense. In our fight for the aborted, we give our voice to them, and bring to light silent suffering that could otherwise easily be ignored. Sadly, the victims of abortion lack a face as well as a voice, as by its nature abortion prevents the individuality of many from ever developing and condemns every aborted person to be a human embryo with little to distinguish one from any other. I am pro-life because I wish I could somehow compensate for the vast number of people who will forever be voiceless and faceless because of abortion.

Unfortunately, while sentiments like these are easy to express internally or in a safe pro-life space, the vitriolic reaction of our culture to pro-life belief often intimidates many, including me, into silence on the issue. While my spirit is willing to fight for the rights of the unborn, the response I know I would get scares me from real action. My hope in interning at Toronto Right to Life is that I will gain the courage of my convictions and no longer be passively pro-life. If you are reading this, and like me you have been convinced of the pro-life cause, but also like me you often lack the bravery to stand up for what you believe in, I would encourage you to become active in a small role in the pro-life movement. I have learned that it does not require immediate, extreme street activism to be part of social reform. However, I do think a small role can easily become a more significant one as one small step creates the confidence to take large strides. My hope is that we in the pro-life movement can be brave now, so that the cultural change we create will mean that it will no longer require bravery to express a belief in the rights of the unborn.

– Anna, Toronto Right to Life Intern

Introducing the 2016 TRTL Intern Team: Anna G. and Matthew B.

Meet Anna and Matthew! They are two out of five interns serving on the 2016 TRTL Summer Intern Team. They’re passionate about social justice, human rights and providing pro-life education to Toronto and the GTA. Read on to find out more about them:

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

Anna: Because they are very pro-life, my parents are interested in the details of the pro-life movement and enjoy hearing as much as they can about my work, especially any part of it that involves activism.

Matthew: I tell them what I do… no reason not to tell them.

Who do you look like?

Anna: When I was little everyone told me I looked like Abigail Breslin in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

Matthew: When I was younger, I was told I looked like the kid from Mr. Bean’s Holiday (though I may disagree).

How do you think what you’re doing this summer will benefit you in the future?

Anna: I think that I will become involved in the pro-life club in university, so the street outreach and dialogue training I’ve done this summer will probably be very helpful.

Matthew: I think this summer will help encourage me to do more work associated with pro-life activities. I have absorbed more knowledge over this internship about the pro-life movement and hope that this information will be transferable to the student club at the University of Toronto. Through this summer I have also met many pro-lifers of other organizations and student clubs who I look forward to meet with them again. Overall this internship will make me more comfortable with the pro-life movement.

When did you realize you wanted to be involved in helping to end abortion?

Anna: When I first heard Toronto Right to Life’s apologetics seminar, I felt convicted to be a part of helping to end abortion.

Matthew: I realized I wanted to be involved in ending abortion in my first year of university after I had attended a few club meetings and an apologetic training session. Since then, I have been striving to learn how to defend against abortion in any scenario.

What rules do you live by?

Anna: I try to live by the words of a poem called “My Creed” by Howard A. Walter. My favourite lines are: “I would be true, for there are those who trust me; / I would be pure, for there are those who care; / I would be strong, for there is much to suffer; / I would be brave, for there is much to dare.

Matthew: Never do worse than yesterday.

What makes your day?

Anna: Seeing my friends, baking, reading a good book while drinking tea, dancing, being outside somewhere pretty, and lots of other things.

Matthew: Going for a run on a sunny day, and receiving a compliment for pro-life work.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Anna: I really wanted to be an archeologist.

Matthew: I think I wished to be a baseball player, though the word “were” seems to assume I’m not a kid any more…

What is one thing you would like to be remembered by/for?

Anna: Hopefully I will be remembered as a good, kind person who stood up for what she believed in. Honestly though, being remembered by future generations is not really a goal of mine.

Matthew: Someone who always made an effort to have a conversation about anything.

What’s your favourite food combination?

Anna: Spaghetti and garlic bread.

Matthew: There are many, but on a pizza: Bacon, green olives and anchovies.

Who is one of your heroes?

Anna: Both my grandmas are my heroes. One was a social worker who has worked in the pro-life movement in Ottawa for many years and the other adopted sixteen children who otherwise would likely have stayed in foster care until adulthood.

Matthew: Any outspoken pro-lifer!

Employment Opportunity

Administrative Assistant

Full-Time Position

The Toronto Right to Life Association is a non-sectarian, educational charitable organization dedicated to promoting the right to life for all human beings from conception to natural death. We are seeking an Administrative Assistant with excellent organization, time management and communication skills who is also experienced in bookkeeping. Knowledge of office productivity and accounting software is necessary. Some weekend or evening work may occasionally be required.

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the office and provide administrative support for the Executive Director. Duties include:

Bookkeeping: Reconcile accounts receivable and payable on a monthly basis using QuickBooks, monitor important annual or monthly recurring events such as dates for CRA correspondences, bill payments and payroll.
Processing donations: Enter donations and membership renewals in QuickBooks, prepare bank deposits, send charitable tax receipts along with thank you letters to donors.
Maintaining organization database: Update information and mailing lists for members and institutions on a regular basis.
Christmas Card Fundraiser: Process Christmas card orders and ensure delivery in a timely manner while maintaining accurate records of customer information, sales and inventory.
Event planning: Coordinate logistics with the Executive Director and planning committees for the Annual General Meeting, student conferences, speakers series and other events.
General office management: Respond to phone and email inquiries, prepare reports for meetings, maintain files and regular office upkeep, sort mail, greet office visitors.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to:
Toronto Right to Life Association
209-2238 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON. M6R 3A9
Phone: (416) 483-7869