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The Toronto Right to Life Association expresses its sympathy to the Morgentaler family upon the death of Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s most prominent abortion activist. Our sympathy is also with the millions of children who lost their lives to abortion, largely because of Henry Morgentaler’s activism, and with the families of […]

Toronto Right to Life Statement on the Death of Henry ...

Following closely on the heels of Mark Warwara’s anti-gendercide motion, M-408, DefendGirls has launched in Canada to promote awareness of the largely ignored issue of sex-selective abortions in Canada. Formed by a collaborative coalition of a number of pro-life groups and individuals across Canada, DefendGirls seeks to educate the Canadian […]

DefendGirls: Canada’s Newest Pro-Life Initiative

Our partners at National Campus Life Network (NCLN) have just submitted a press release regarding the denial of club status for a pro-life group on a B.C. college campus. Below is the excerpted press release (you can find more information and the original release at the following link: ————————————————————————————————————————— […]


Toronto, ON  September 28, 2012.  Motion 312, proposed by MP Stephen Woodworth, and which called for the forming of a committee to study the question of when human life begins, was defeated in Parliament Wednesday, by a vote of 203 to 91.  While most pro-life supporters, including Mr. Woodworth, saw […]

TRL Press Release Statement on Motion 312

100,000 children die every year because of abortion. 100,000 letters could change that. Will YOU make a difference? Letters4Life is a campaign to write 100,000 letters to the Prime Minister opposing abortion. Though Mr. Harper has stated repeatedly that the abortion debate will not be re-opened, we believe it is […]

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OTTAWA, March 12, 2012 ( – by Thaddeus Baklinski Conservative MP Leon Benoit spoke out in Parliament on March 6 denouncing the censorship of pro-life students in Canadian universities. “Universities in Canada are often thought of as the bastions of free speech and expression. Certainly they are the last places […]

Canadian MP decries censorship against pro-life students