Teaching Support

Toronto Right to Life focuses on ensuring Toronto & GTA community members are supported with content and resources when working to provide pro-life education to others. We provide support to any person from any group who requests assistance including high school teachers, elementary school teachers (grade seven and eight),  youth leaders and pastors.

If you are a resident of Toronto or the GTA and would like to request pro-life teaching support contact the Toronto Right to Life office to learn how TRTL can best help you provide content to your group.

All teaching support, resources and materials are provided free of charge.

Below is an overview of free teaching resources and materials currently available for teaching both students and adults:

  • Pro-Life Presentation on abortion OR euthanasia & assisted suicide: One hour (40 minute presentation with 20 minutes for questions) provided by a TRTL Education Team member.
  • Pro-Life Dialogue Workshop on abortion OR euthanasia & assisted suicide: Two hours (including presentation and dialogue practice) provided by a TRTL Education Team member.
  • Information handouts.
  • Human Rights Outreach Table.
  • Outreach activities and equipping events.

Toronto Right to Life provides teaching resources and materials to meet your group’s requirements and requests. If you do not see resources and/or materials listed above that fit your need TRTL is open to considering your request. Please submit your request here or by calling 416-483-7869.