Grants for Student Pro-Life Projects

Apply for grant funding from Toronto Right to Life for your student pro-life project. Partner with us to defend life!

  • Funding is available for high school and post-secondary clubs, or individual students for community projects
  • Priority given to GTA projects, though funding may also be available for projects outside of the GTA -- apply to see if your project is eligible
  • Preference is given towards educational projects. Since we are a charitable organization, non-partisan political projects may or may not be approved, and partisan political projects are not eligible
  • If approved, you'll be responsible for submitting a report on how you used the funding to carry out TRTL's charitable work

Please respond to the questions below. Short, concrete, specific answers are better than long answers.

Organization Details
Student Profile
For post-secondary students.
Project Proposal
What project are you seeking funding for? Submit multiple applications if you are seeking funding for multiple projects.
When will this funding be used? (start/end date)
Where will this funding be used?
Does your club receive any funding from your school, student union, pro-life groups or other sources? Please specify the total amount of funding you have already for the current school year (enter 0 for none).
The amount you are requesting from TRTL for this project.
Describe the project or intended use of funds in detail. What specifically do you plan to do? How specifically will the grant amount requested be spent? (Provide a detailed breakdown if grant funds will be spent in more than one way.)
What is the goal of this project? What is the intended impact? What outcomes are you aiming to achieve?
In receiving funding from TRTL, you will be partnering with us to carry out our charitable activities on our behalf. How will this project (a) uphold the dignity of human life, (b) uphold the inviolability of human life from conception until natural death, or (c) protect the interests and rights of pre-born children?
Who is the target audience? How do you intend to reach the target audience?
Have you done this before? If no, how do you intend to prepare? If yes, are you doing anything differently this time? Why or why not?