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Saturday, June 24th, 2023 at 7 pm
Westminster Chapel, 9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto

This Summer, the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform (CCBR) is going on a national tour across all ten provinces to show the Faces of Abortion.

To most Canadians, abortion victims are out of sight and out of mind. Why are we committed to bring photos of the faces of abortion victims coast to coast across Canada? Photos of the victims call out to us. Something in us responds to seeing the face of another. We establish a human connection through seeing the faces — it becomes undeniable that abortion is the killing of a personal someone.

“The relationship with the face is immediately ethical in nature. The face is what you cannot kill, or at least in the sense that it says: ‘thou shalt not kill’” – Emmanuel Levinas, Ethics and Infinity

Every day in Canada, nearly 300 children are killed by abortion – faceless and nameless. To bring an end to the killing and spare women the trauma of abortion, we need to make the victims of abortion visible, to rehumanize those who have been dehumanized — to bring the culture face to face with the victims of abortion.

Toronto Right to Life is hosting the Toronto Stop on Saturday, June 24th. Join us to hear a powerful talk that you've never seen before and be inspired to continue the fight against the injustice of abortion.

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