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Meet Shana

Another incredible pro-life advocate is joining our staff team! Meet Shana Abraham.

Shana is beginning her studies in Business Administration at York University’s Schulich School of Business. She discovered her passion for the pro-life cause when confronted by the reality of abortion in high school. She then learned more about the pro-life position and apologetics from her former high school teacher, Steve Orbe, who is one of our key outreach volunteers!

In grade 12, Shana persuasively and courageously presented the pro-life case against abortion to her classmates, who were mostly pro-choice. Her teacher at the time was very impressed by her presentation that she shared it with me. I too was impressed as well!A few days later, she submitted her volunteer application and joined our Toronto Against Abortion team.

Shana also recently completed CCBR’s internship this past summer where she learned to be an effective pro-life advocate and gained a ton of experience having conversations with people about abortion.After completing the internship, she wanted to stay involved and do her part in making abortion unthinkable in the city.

We are so happy that she’s decided to work for Toronto Right to Life as a part-time Project Coordinator! She is passionate about reaching a culture sleepwalking through a great injustice and is driven to do her part in making a difference.

Welcome to the team, Shana!

It is such an honour to work with the team at TRTL and join together in the mission of making abortion unthinkable. I consider it a privilege and a gift to know that my contributions go toward saving babies and cannot wait for what is to come!