Who We Are

Toronto Right to Life’s board, staff and volunteers are comprised of people who hold diverse backgrounds and life experiences working together to bring life affirming education and support resources to Toronto and the GTA.


1. We are pro-life.
We believe all humans are deserving of full human rights regardless of age or ability.

2. We value people.
We view each person we come into contact with as someone to be treated with utmost respect regardless of whether or not they agree with our message.

3. We are stewards.
We are committed to stewarding each resource we are given with excellence in order to provide services with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

4.  We are connected.
We are plugged in to Canada’s pro-life community and applaud individuals and organizations striving to provide effective life-affirming education and support resources.

5. We are dedicated.
We choose to work relentlessly regardless of challenges or levels of difficulty.


Information coming soon.