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At the Right to Life Association of Toronto, education is one of our primary objectives. The Association has an active and effective Speakers Bureau that spends much time in schools speaking to students of all ages. We educate on the issues that involve consideration of the respect for human life. These issues include abortion, stem cell research, the human reproductive technologies, physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.

To learn more about our educational programs follow the menu items under this section. Feel free to send us your comments or contact us to have a speaker come to visit your school or group.





Abortion Information Card

Did You Know Cards are available for order to hand out at your local events, groups, schools or churches.  Click here to download “Did You Know” card.


Life Curriculum

Our Learning the Life Issues Curriculum is available and free of charge.  If you would like to order a copy of the full colour document please contact our office.  Stay tuned for our updated Learning the Life Issues Curriculum…coming soon.

Click here to download the Learning the Life Issues Curriculum








National Post Poster

The following was a full page ad that appeared in the National Post on September 26th, 2004.  It appeared in the Toronto Sun on March 22, 2005 and the St. Catherine’s Standard on June 25th, 2005.




The Right to Life Association of Toronto keeps its members informed on all of the important life issues.  Our newsletters report the important current affairs that are taking place in the community and we inform our readers of relevant government legislation both in Canada and abroad. Up-to-date research relating to the bioethical issues are also covered. These are matters of great importance to us all.

Newsletter Archive

SPRING/SUMMER 2014 – Feature Article: Palliative Care Motion 456

FALL 2013 – Feature Article: The Culture Wars – Where do we go from here?

SUMMER 2013 – Feature Article: The death of Henry Morgentaler

WINTER 2013 – Feature Article: On the way to an abortion, Toronto teen makes a happy choice

FALL 2012 – Feature Article: Defeat of Motion 312

SUMMER 2012 – Feature Article: TRL educates hundreds of students through 2 youth conferences

WINTER 2012 – Feature Article: Euthanasia – Legalized Killing’s Other Highway Into Canada

FALL 2011 – Feature Article: Planting Seeds for a Canadian Culture of Life

SPRING 2011 – Feature Article: Respect for Life Student Leadership Conference

WINTER 2011 – Feature Article: Multifetal Reduction

FALL 2010 – Feature Article: Pro-life Education – Essential to Canada’s Future

SUMMER 2010 – Feature Article: Euthanasia receives resounding defeat in Parliament

WINTER 2010 – Feature Article: Stem cell update – New hope on the frontiers of science

FALL 2009 – Feature Article: Urgency of pro-life education for our youth

SPRING 2009 – Feature Article: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are coming to town

SUMMER 2008 – Feature Article: The story of bill C-484

WINTER 2008 – Feature Article: 20 years since R vs. Morgentaler

High School Club Manual

Check out our Student Life Link Club Manual!

Hey students (and teachers)! Do you want to want to do something to help make a difference in the way our culture values life?  Why not start at your own school!  Starting a prolife club at your high school (university students please refer to the National Campus Life Network is a rewarding challenge that can raise awareness among your peers or students about the equal worth and dignity of all human life.   By also informing students about the alternatives to abortion, you may even help save lives!

The Toronto Right to Life Association and the National Campus Life Network have put together a great resource for you.  This latest edition includes a bonus resource on summer pro-life activism and new photos of active high school clubs in Canada. Student manuals are $10 each, including postage.

This manual makes it easy for you and your friends to start a great prolife club at your school and keep it going strong!  Please contact TRL to get your copy or copies and make a stand for life at your school!


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