Help us challenge the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs attestation.

With your help we can continue on the frontline in defending rights and freedoms for Toronto Right to Life and all pro-life Canadians!

In 2017 Toronto Right to Life was denied funding from the 2017 Canada Summer Jobs grant program on the false basis of limited funding. As a result we commenced a lawsuit against the Ministry claiming the denial was a breach of the Charter 2(b) right to freedom of expression. Joining us in the lawsuit was Guelph Right to Life and the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

The great news is that we won!  The Ministry settled by awarding funds all three groups should have received in Ontario, accompanied by a statement admitting we were “denied funding on the basis of a criteria neither set out in the Applicant’s Guide nor included in the MP’s list of local priorities for 2017.”

This is a HUGE victory. We were unjustly denied over $10,000 in funding. With the help of our supporters, we took action to defend our rights and we got the funding back. This is significant news for Toronto’s pro-life movement, and for all pro-life Canadians, because it proves taking bold action and fighting for our rights is something that works. Thanks to supporter assistance and this victory we now have funds available to provide one more Summer internship program.

Now the federal government is attempting to discriminate again.

Shortly after Toronto Right to Life’s settlement was received we learned the federal government is now requiring an “attestation” for the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Grant program application. This requires all Canadian employers who wish to apply for Canada Summer Jobs funding to attest support for reproductive rights, which is described as “the right to access safe and legal abortions.” The discrimination is now an explicit part of the 2018 application process. We feel this is a boldly unconstitutional violation of our Charter rights.

As a result, Toronto Right to Life is taking the lead with new legal action against the federal government.

We have applied for 2018 funding, refusing to sign the attestation as written, and we are asking in judicial review that the “attestation” be declared an unconstitutional violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and equality rights.

We are forced to take legal action again because the federal government has again attempted to discriminate against Toronto Right to Life and other pro-life organizations. This time discrimination is expanded to include all employers across Canada who hold personal pro-life beliefs. Pro-life Canadians cannot afford to let this discrimination go unanswered. In order to continue to be a voice for voiceless pre-born children we must be willing to fight to defend our own rights.

In 2017 we partnered with supporters like you to challenge the government’s decision, and we won. Today we are asking you to partner with us in challenging the government’s decision that has now spread to affect not only Toronto Right to Life, but all pro-life Canadians.

Will you stand with us to challenge this blatant discrimination against Toronto Right to Life and all Canadians who hold pro-life values? Please join with us in defending our rights and freedoms. Partner with us today by giving online at

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Update on preliminary motion for an injunction available here as of January 30, 2018.